Mike-ArturiMike Arturi, Universal Music Center executive director and founder, is a lifelong professional musician and music lover. As a drummer, Mike has played with nationally acclaimed artists including Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Dick Clark’s touring Rock and Roll Revival shows, The Coasters, The Marvelletts, Del Shannon, Freddie Cannon, The Drifters, Big Twist and The Mellow Fellows, The Boxtops – featuring Alex Chilton, Head East, Gary Lewis and The Playboys and Badfinger. Mike is currently since 1996, the full time drummer for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee band, The Lovin’ Spoonful.

In addition to touring, Mike is passionate about sharing his love for music and the lessons that can be learned on stage and in the practice room. At UMC, Mike shares his lifetime of experience and is personally involved in the progress of every student, helping them achieve goals and supporting their efforts to succeed. 

Mike is also active publicly in support of music and life quality through his Learn Music Learn Life presentation and facilitating community, health and corporate Drum Circles in South East MN. Mike also works extensive in the community presenting his Complete Concert Creation course to At Risk, Underserved and Youth populations at Tower View HS, The Minnesota State Juvenile Correctional Facility, the Goodhue County Jail, the Red Wing Youth Outreach Group and the Red Wing YMCA and Turnaround Arts: MN.

As a Turnaround Artist, Arturi works with Bethune Elementary School in Minneapolis, MN.

“It is extremely exhilarating and promising working with students of Turnaround Arts schools. Through our hand drumming sessions together, students create personal experiences of engagement, harmony, empathy and a sense of achievement and self-worth. There is a very powerful gleam in their eyes as they stop a ‘full tilt’ rhythm in unison! It is a look that reveals the positive impact of art as a spark to learning and a realization of the ability to succeed in other areas of their lives as well.”