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Turnaround Arts works with local program partners to provide arts education resources to clusters of schools in their region. Local partners include state agencies, school districts, operating foundations, and educational organizations. This shared leadership structure provides powerful tools to a critical mass of our schools, while building local, sustainable structures and expertise for a lasting impact on students.



Turnaround Arts: Bridgeport is a part of Bridgeport Public Schools, the second largest school district in Connecticut. Located in the largest city in the state, the school district serves a little more than 30 schools. Turnaround Arts: Bridgeport, now comprised of five schools, grew from the success and experience of Roosevelt School, one of eight schools that participated in the pilot phase of Turnaround Arts. With the support of the Bridgeport community, Turnaround Arts: Bridgeport is excited to help realize Bridgeport Public Schools’ goal to increase the ways students can develop their talents and their voice.


Turnaround Arts: Broward County is a part of Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the second largest public school system in Florida and the sixth largest in the country. BCPS serves more than 260,000 students and has a diverse student population, representing 204 different countries and 135 different languages.

flag-iconDES MOINES

Turnaround Arts: Des Moines is a part of Des Moines Public Schools, the largest school district in Iowa. More than 33,000 students and 5,000 teachers and staff work in more than 60 schools throughout the city. Turnaround Arts: Des Moines sprang from the success of Findley Elementary, a pilot school in the Turnaround Arts national network that saw significant gains in achievement through the arts.



Turnaround Arts: Milwaukee is a part of Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), the largest school district in Wisconsin. MPS and Turnaround Arts: Milwaukee aim to ensure equitable access to quality arts education experiences for all students. Turnaround Arts: Milwaukee believes that access to opportunities to learn and express oneself through art, music, dance, and drama is not only a matter of a well-rounded education, but a matter of freedom and justice.


Turnaround Arts: Minnesota is run by the Minnesota Department of Education, which aims to improve educational achievement by establishing clear standards, measuring performance, assisting educators and increasing opportunities for lifelong learning. The Minnesota Department of Education is leading the way for educational equity and excellence throughout the state. 

flag-iconNEW YORK CITY

Turnaround Arts: New York City is managed by Exploring the Arts (ETA). The mission of ETA is to transform the lives of young people through arts education. Founded in 1999 by legendary American singer and painter Tony Bennett and his wife Susan Benedetto, a former public school teacher, ETA is a 501c3 nonprofit serving public high schools and middle schools throughout New York City and Los Angeles. At the heart of ETA’s work is a vision to provide greater equality of resources and opportunity in the arts to traditionally under-served teens.


Turnaround Arts: Providence is managed by Providence Public Schools and the City of Providence Arts, Culture, and Tourism department. Providence Public Schools educates 24,000 students annually in diverse learning communities. Through this partnership, Turnaround Arts: Providence leverages its strong community assets to ensure all students have access to a variety of arts opportunities.



Turnaround Arts: Richmond is managed by Richmond Public Schools, whose mission is to lead students to extraordinary, honorable lives as inspirational global leaders who shape the future with intellect, integrity, and compassion through challenging, engaging learning experiences guided by highly qualified, passionate educators in partnership with families and communities. They serve 24,000 students across the city. Turnaround Arts: Richmond is surrounded by a rich community of universities, arts organizations, and supporters and, as the state capital, seeks to be a beacon for innovative and responsive education.


The Pilot Phase of Turnaround Arts engaged 8 schools nationwide between 2011 and 2014, using the arts as part of a larger whole-school transformation strategy. This phase tested the Turnaround Arts hypothesis—that arts education programming can be used to specifically address the kind of pervasive problems commonly found in schools facing the greatest racial and economic inequities. An evaluation of these schools was conducted during the pilot phase and results were released in January 2015. Researchers found that each school experienced dramatic improvements in climate and culture. Students at these schools demonstrated significant progress in student academic performance, and many of the schools improved student attendance, discipline, and motivation.