Johnny NunezJohnny Nunez has been one of the most iconic celebrity photographers for over a decade, with scores as a contributor of WireImage, – now owned by Getty Images – features in various documentaries, modeling opportunities and the go-to photographer for many of your favorite celebrities. Born to Venezuelan and Trinidadian parents and adopted by a Puerto Rican family; Nunez’s love for music and photography mixed with hard work and dedication has turned him into one of the most notable photographers with celebrities, especially those within the Hip-Hop community. Today Johnny is not only the Founder of Nobuzzphoto, he is also the Co-Founder of Intro Media – Intro enables brands to join the world’s largest conversation through the world of messaging apps, empowering fans to become influential brand ambassadors; launching the next big thing in the Emoji keyboard world, Intro Media has developed a partnership in Celebrity stylist: Ty Hunter and has garnered the attention of big time celebrities such as Jay-Z & Beyonce and The Latin King of Bachata: Romeo Santos, along with others. Johnny’s photographic eye, flattering celebrity pictures, along with his work ethics has garnered him the respect within the elites and now the business world. Sky’s the limit for him.

As a Turnaround Artist, he will be working with Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts in Milwaukee, WI and the Stonebridge World School in Minneapolis, MN.

“I am excited to be on this journey with Turnaround Arts and as a new artist I wish to impact the lives of every student I come across by taking actions to faith.”